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Paula Tiberius, Writer/Director

I wholeheartedly recommend Dominique as a story editor and consultant. She works with me on TV and film screenplays (produced & in development) as well as book manuscripts and song lyrics - and in every case she provides clear, concise direction with lots of ideas to bite into that fuel the imagination. She's a stickler for nailing the big picture themes and overall vision, but then once you drill down, she also doesn't let you get away with any missing details. On top of that, she'll often throw in written examples to illustrate her point (dialogue, narration), which I've sometimes used verbatim! I think her experience as a film and television picture editor gives her an edge to storytelling that is a rare find. If Dominique can't fix your writing, you should probably be doing something else : )


Eileen Finkelstein, Editor

I have worked with Dominique as an editor and colleague in the television industry. She is a master storyteller with exceptional instincts for plot and character arc as well as being attune to the exhibition of any false emotion from characters. I always value her insight and intelligent observations about what is working and not working. She has a keen eye for creating unexpected twists and turns and when something can be truncated or needs more time to simmer. I would work with her at any time.


Tania Koster, Writer/Producer

Dominique is a pro story editor and understands how to achieve the overarching storyline and can dial into the minutia of the story while keeping an eye on the big picture. She overdelivers and is extremely passionate about storytelling. She ALWAYS sees the holes in a script or character development and knows structure like nobody's business. On top of that, she is an absolute pleasure to work with - always comes to the meetings with a great attitude and digs in immediately. She will not stop until every stone has been turned over and every story nuance examined. You are in very good hands with Dominique.

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Janeke Domisse

When I heard that Dominique was consulting on scripts, it made perfect sense to me.  Dominique’s keen sense of story was one of the many reasons we kept bringing her back to our team year after year.  With an extensive amount of footage to choose from in our show, she always had a knack for knowing what mattered most.  She could hone in on the best dialogue - both dramatic and comedic - from every character to propel their stories forward in a compelling way.  Her talent also came with a strong work ethic and a devotion to her craft, making Dominique a real joy to work with.  I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

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