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I'm a script consultant and screenwriter with 15+ years experience in storytelling.  I analyze screenplays and teleplays to provide writers with thoughtful feedback focused on the development of character, theme and structure.

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My Backstory

I lived and worked in Los Angeles, California for many years as a picture editor on feature films and television, which is where I honed my story skills. Working on shows like Project Runway and Keeping Up With The Kardashians,  I was tasked with putting "reality" together in the cutting room for maximum dramatic impact,  liaising with producers, writers and directors to come up with compelling story that keeps eyeballs glued to the screen. Coming up with creative solutions to on-the-fly story problems in the edit bay sharpened my analytical acumen and honed my instincts for bridging and shaping larger picture ideas without losing sight of detailed nuance.

Today I live in Prague, Czech Republic with my two kids. I work with clients all over the world on television pilots, feature screenplays, short stories, fiction and nonfiction manuscripts and more. 


E-mail me with any queries about how we can work together.

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