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Dominique Buda

Writing & Editing Services

Why Hire An Editor?

You have a unique story to tell and you’re on the path to writing it.

 But you’ve hit a wall. You’re asking yourself questions like:


Where should the next plot twist come in?

Why does the screenplay sag in the middle? 

Why does everyone keep telling me it ‘wraps up too quickly’?


Help is here.


Getting professional help with your screenplay is not a sign of weakness or lack of talent. Even the most seasoned screenwriters work with editors, whether it’s to brainstorm next steps, re-imagine existing scenes or flesh out character arcs. A second set of eyes is a necessary tool to polish your work so that you can:


  • Put plot twists exactly where they belong for maximum impact

  • Craft your second act with powerful scenes & an unexpected midpoint that creates momentum

  • Draw out your character arcs to their most satisfying conclusions & pay off every reward

Sound good? Visit my Services page for the right fit for you.

Script Services

Meeting You Where You Are
You're at the perfect point in your journey - reaching out for help. Whether you have a full, polished screenplay, pages of starts and stops or even a premise you just can’t get out of your mind, whether you

want a quick phone call or an in-depth edit, whether you're just starting out or already have wads of screenplays under your belt, I'm here to help. I offer editing and screenplay critique services

of all kinds, for all sorts of projects, including yours.

Click below to learn about my packages and prices -

and keep in mind that we can set up a custom plan for you.

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+420 732 778 599

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